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This painting was allot of fun, raw earth and allot'a'mess!   

Originally the project was going to be a series of paintings, but realising that the subject was essentially a painting already. It was simply a case of displaying what was already there. 

If I could borrow the tube station wall I would haha! Which is why I consider these works as much more a display of paintings, rather than a series of photographs. 

Loved having my brother come and visit me in Japan, all the way from England!  

Tokyo Skyline. Sunset/light revealing a hovering presence. 

'Shibuya Crossing', masses of people. 

Everything I've created since being here wouldn't of been possible without the help of Rie Okamoto and Yousuke Myoukai, who are apart of the Art Lab at my University. (it helps that they're a good laugh!) 

Setting up at Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.  

Big thankyou to everyone that came to see the exhibition! 

Big thankyou to everyone that came to see the exhibition! 

The series of photographs documents the walls of the tozai subway line, Kyoto. Each station displays it's own traditional Japanese colour. This one being '桔梗色 Kikyō-iro (Chinese bellflower)'. 

'桔梗色, Kikyō-iro(Chinese bellflower), Photograph. 

'牡丹色, Botan-iro' (Peony), Photograph. 

I'll be uploading the entire series soon... this is 2 of 7. 

Sneak peak at an upcoming sculpture. *waterfall 

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