A fleeting capture of order or control placed in contrast to disorder/decay. Entropy will take place, it will increase as the ordered submits to the impermanence of it’s physics. Time goes on. We interplay, we capture ephemeral states of order/beauty (Wabi-Sabi); the uncanny, the otherly, the SUPER-natural. 

I commissioned my friend and poet Shana Dorsey to respond to the 'Element.' series that I've been creating in Japan:




The sun peaks over the horizon
scattering flecks of gold into the air.
Up ahead they laugh, saying
“the rain is gone by,
the valley of tears, done,
the light, come,
And home, just beyond.”







































I am hard clay unyielding,
Fine hand make small circles,
I bruise.
Then, am filled with water,
back malleable,
head ginger,
I am clayed soft—
body smoothed—-
Fine hands hold me,
I yield, burn, shine,
-----then let His marks speak.
























































Past Eden

Black to azure alights,
as mercy shines bright
over crumbling ground,
and steps without sound,
after fruitless fight;
When we, in questioning strife,
ask who—-with-—why—-feetbound,
we walk of promise

There is much to set right,
as the day narrows into night,
and the small lamps are found
lit only in the smallest of ground
slowly, and not by sight,
we walk of promise.









The Poet Shana Dorsey also included background information: 

Background Information