16mm Scanned Film

(duration 05:08), 2017.

Films are driven by a subject/focus; so what would happen to a Film if you blocked it’s subject/focus from frame?

The idea came from a conversation I had with a friend, about a Film that she was describing, from what I understood, she was describing a Film where sections of the frame had been blocked off from view. I expressed my excitement at the thought of this concept, however I was told that I had completely misunderstood what was being described to me. Nonetheless, I had already started to consider the pathos of focusing on a Films peripheral image. 

Film captures a framed view of the past, only a glimpse, yet it seemingly contains and immortalises what is in nature transient and fleeting. However, the scratches and degradations of Analogue film, reveal impermanence, as we look back and romanticise the fading past.

I decided to use analogue Film that had not been digitised online, as I wanted to bring back a peripheral image that was being lost. I was trying to find a film that had a clear subject/focus, and I came across a 16mm Film that was shot in the 80’s called ‘A Ford Guide to Rally Co-driving’, this short documentary film focused heavily on it’s rally-car as its subject/focus. 

From the beginning of my 'Peripheral' edit, we are presented with mesmerising blocks of colour, framed like that of a Rothko painting. This is a forerunner to the composed frames of my edit that drew on the sublimity of nature. The displacement of sound also simplified it’s elements, freeing the film from simply being a one dimensional documentary on Rally Car driving.